Healthy and Quick Foods to Have for Lunch

The daily family schedule is so hectic these days, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid rushing the midday meal. We often grab a sandwich, snack or fast food burger and eat on the go, which doesn’t do much for our digestion or our general health.

The key to enjoying a tasty, nutritious and relaxed lunch is to plan ahead and do a little preparation in advance.

Make your own

Sandwiches are always a popular choice for lunch and you can save a fortune if you prepare and make your own rather than picking up ready-made pre packed sandwiches from the supermarket or coffee shop. Pre-packed versions are very often high in saturated fat and salt, so making your own means you can keep an eye on the fat and salt levels.

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Choose a tasty wholegrain or seeded bread as an alternative to processed white bread, which has little nutritional value. Pitta breads and flatbreads are a great choice, too and can be easy to fill for a satisfying lunch. The beauty of making your own sandwich is that you can experiment with fillings to make a really flavoursome combination. If you’re a devoted carnivore, choose lean meats, rather than high fat, processed versions. Add a burst of flavour with a mature cheddar, blue cheese or feta, together with a huge pile of salad or grilled vegetables such as peppers, courgette and onions. For an extra zing, spread a spoonful of lemon mayonnaise or pesto on the bread.

Wholewheat flour tortillas make tasty wraps. Fill with fresh salad leaves, chargrilled chicken and garlic mayonnaise, or stick to a Mexican theme with grilled strips of lean steak marinated in spices, green salad, tomato salsa and guacamole. Children will love these filled with banana and chocolate spread. For a quick weekend lunch, sprinkle a tortilla with grated cheese and lean ham and top with another tortilla, then warm the whole thing through in a dry frying pan to melt the cheese.

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Pasta, rice or bean salads make fantastic packed lunches and are very filling, keeping your energy levels high for a busy afternoon. Add tuna and low fat dressing to wholewheat pasta, or mix brown rice and red kidney beans together with a light dressing for a satisfying snack. Use canned chick peas, cannellini beans and red kidney beans, tossed with some lean chopped bacon, spring onions and vinaigrette dressing. Couscous, with a spoonful of mint jelly, roasted vegetables and some chopped lean chicken breast, makes a tasty and nutritious salad.

Something warm.

For a warming lunch on a cold day, soup or a home-made stew is perfect and can easily be transported to school, college or the office in a wide necked Thermos flask. Make the soup or stew a day in advance so that the flavours improve and intensify. A basic chicken and vegetable soup is a comforting taste of home. Minestrone with lots of lovely fresh vegetables is great for an energy boost, while adding sweetcorn to a creamy chicken soup makes it more filling and adds extra fibre. Spicy root vegetable soups and stews are great for warming up cold tummies, while last night’s chilli or curry leftovers can double up as a tasty lunch.

Yoghurt or low fat fromage frais makes a wholesome dessert. Prepare a fresh fruit salad of your favourite fruits in advance, with a dash of apple juice to keep the colour and top with low fat natural yoghurt. Add bottled water or fruit juice and you’ll have a well rounded, nutritious packed lunch that will keep you going until supper time.

How People Quit Smoking Successfully

Have you been a long term smoker, wondering desperately how people seem to become successful with their quitting attempts? Do you know people who smoked for years and then gave up? If you want to become a non smoker, then you need to do what the successful people do. Here are a few pointers to help you get to where you want to be:

Use The Right Terms And Language

When you speak to people about quitting, don’t say you’re trying to quit smoking. That sounds like you’ll give it a go but will eventually fail. Like a self fulfilling prophecy! Instead, say you have quit. Say it like it’s final, it’s done. Use these terms when speaking to others and thinking to yourself and it’ll soon sink in! The words we use are more powerful than most realise.

Have The Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is really important. Using the right language will help with this, as mentioned before. Make sure you think positively as much as possible, even if you’re not even thinking/speaking about smoking. If you stress yourself out, you could end up triggering the urge to smoke! Your mindset is going to keep you going when times get tough.

Make Sure People Support You

Tell people what you are doing and surround yourself with people who support you. If there’s anybody who doesn’t support you, makes jokes and even tries to make you fail, stay well away from them. These people aren’t your friends. They may even be trying to sabotage you to make themselves feel better. Supportive people are best!


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Have Compelling Reasons To Quit

Don’t just quit because other people say you should. You need your own compelling reasons to quit. For your health, for your kids, for a better life, etc. Make a long list of yours and keep them in mind as often as possible.

Use Smoking Aids And Things To Help

You don’t need to go cold turkey with no help. You can use smoking aids and things like that to help you. Many people turn to things like the electronic cigarette, and they have a huge success rate. Find the aid that works for you!

Get Professional Support

Professional support could be the key if you feel you need people around you who are going through the same thing. Go to a support group and get help that way.

Get Back On The Wagon

If you fall off the wagon, get stressed out and smoke a cigarette, don’t panic. This is a long term thing. It doesn’t mean you have to give up completely. Just get back on the wagon and keep going.

The key with giving up smoking, is to never give up on giving up. Giving up will be one of the best things you do if you decide to stick at it. You’ll live longer, and have a better quality of life. Not to mention more money in your bank! Comment your thoughts and ideas below.

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Staying at the Hospital

We’ve been staying in the hospital for a few days already since my mother was confined after having a mild stroke attack in our bathroom, we experienced sleepless night looking after her and draining the catheter attached to her so she can pee without going to the toilet room since she need a complete bed rest because she felt dizzy after moving so much.

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My sister sometimes complaint of getting bored being alone when we go home at home to prepare food and do household chores during the day, I guess it should be nicer if I brought an mp3 cd player in the hospital so they could listen to music instead of just hearing motorcycles and cars passing by the hospital.

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