5 Military Style Boot Camp Workouts You Can Do at Home

Fitness boot camps are quickly becoming popular programs when it comes to weight loss. Its because these are a great alternative to the regular exercises that people do in gyms. Boot camp training is done in a military style, fast-paced workout environment where people collaborate to achieve a common goal which is weight loss.

The great news is you can now begin boot camp routines in the privacy of your home.

Here are some workouts to get you started –

The Tabata Training

This kind of training is seen as one of the most effective – as well as the quickest – workout routine that can help you become fit. Tabata training is a high intensity workout and is all about training larger muscle groups in about 20 seconds followed by 10 minutes of rest. Do 8 reps which should take about four minutes. There are many choices for this kind of training – pick one or two from mountain climbers, sprints and squats.

Pair Up!

Pairing with someone that can motivate you to exercise can make a huge difference than when you exercise alone. Choose from the regular exercises such as pushups or sprint and the trick is to just do everything with your exercise buddy in the comforts of your living room. To make things more exciting, you can both set like goals then keep tab of each other’s goals so that you will have someone to check on your progress.

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Do the Plank

Begin by lying face down on the floor. Prop yourself up using your elbows and your forearms. Make sure that your back is flat and that your hips do not sag. Hold for about 30 seconds because this is most ideal. If you are just starting, 10 seconds per rep should do.

Have You Heard of the Bulgarian Split Squat?

This workout exercises the hips, buttocks, hamstrings, thighs and abs. Start by standing up with your back against a bench. Place your foot on the bench then slowly lower yourself with the use of your leg. This squat takes a huge amount of stability so this means your abs are exercised to the max.

Timed Y Squats and Other Workouts

Boot camp training, when done at home, is all about working at your own pace. Pick the best time when you can exercise then make sure to go about with your training during that allotted time. For instance, you can begin with warm ups, go to 8 Y squats, 8 push ups, and then 8 burpees. Start with five minutes if you are still a beginner then gradually increase your time as you slowly get used to your established routine.

These are just a few of the boot camp workouts that you can do at home. They can make you feel stronger as you burn body fat at home with zero equipment. Now, you can truly say goodbye to hefty gym fees!

I’m Jenny Kelsey a personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor. Having kept off 40lbs myself I am an example to my clients, and my motto is “nothign is imposssible”. I specialise in total body trasnformation, one-on-one and group training.

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