8 Ways to Jog you Didn’t know About

To most people, at least at first, jogging is just a way to burn a few extra calories or unwind from the stresses of day to day life. Jogging as part of a club can be a nice way to meet new friends and if you keep it up for a while, you may be motivated to enter a race. From there, a whole new world of training opens up. Jogging is more than just putting on some trainers and pounding the pavement for a few miles. There are several different ways to train jogging, including:

Base Run.

The base run is the kind of run that you are likely to start your training with. Base runs involve running at your own natural pace. These runs are usually moderate-duration and are the cornerstone of your training. When done frequently, they improve your aerobic capacity and your endurance.

Long Run.

Long runs are exactly what they sound like and are usually done in preparation for marathons, half marathons and other distance races. A long run should be challenging enough to test your endurance and leave you feeling fatigued.

Recovery run.

After a long run, or another challenging training session (such as interval running, described later), you will probably want to do a recovery run. These runs are fairly short and are done at a slow pace.

Fartlek Run.

Fartlek training is a gentle form of interval work. It is used to help runners develop fatigue resistance and to help with speed and efficiency. Fartlek running involves base running, but with short intervals of fast running spread out throughout the session.

Progression Runs.

Progression runs begin at your natural pace, but work up to a faster pace towards the end of the session. Because the faster section is towards the end of the run, this kind of training can be quite challenging.

Tempo Run.

Advanced runners use tempo running sessions to improve their speed and to help them maintain high speeds for longer. Tempo running involves a series of short runs at an easy to sustain pace, broken up by periods of high speed running. To ensure that the runner is working at true lactate threshold efficiency, some runners use Reebok Fitness treadmills  and pre-program their desired speeds.

Hill Repetitions.

For a challenging run that tests your aerobic power and fatigue resistance, try hill-running. This involves a gentle warmup, a short uphill run at race speed and intensity, followed by some easy jogging to cool down.

Interval Running.

An interval workout consists of several short segments of fast running, broken up by slow jogging periods for recovery purposes. The high speed intervals in this form of running tend to last longer than the equivalents in a Fartlek training session. Interval training is a good way to build fatigue resistance in preparation for middle distance runs.

If you are preparing for a race, it is a good idea to work up to race speed and intensity gradually over a period of a few weeks or months. Training too hard, too soon, can increase your risk of injury.

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Post by Tony, a UK based health and fitness blogger.

8 Responses to “8 Ways to Jog you Didn’t know About”

  1. Marms says:

    I would consider myself as beginner in jogging. So base run is just the right starting point for me. Then I’ll be moving up to the next level.


  2. So there are different ways of jogging, which one of these has the least impact on the knees?

  3. tatess says:

    I did not know that there are different kinds of run or to jog.This is interesting to know.

  4. How I wish I could find a jogging mate here at our area, nakakawalng gana if nagiisa lang hehehe. Kaya sa loob na lang ako ng bahay nagdajog.

  5. Chie says:

    Wow, there are lots of ways to jog pala? I thought jogging is just jogging. It is nice to learn all these ways.

  6. jheylo says:

    we have a treadmill unfortunately i won’t be able to use it because of my plantar fasciitis (heel problem) the more i use my feet the more i suffer from excruciating pain. I just do the stationary biking instead

  7. Gven-Rose says:

    been wanting to jog again but I don’t have a jogging mate, I dont want to jog alone again as I heard rumors about the I am meeting someone when jogging..:(

  8. dorry lyn says:

    didn’t know about this, thanks for your post a new learning for today

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