A Closer Look at the Waismann Rapid Detoxification Method

Those who are struggling with drug addiction don’t need to be told about its dangers; they’re already experiencing them first hand. If you count yourself among this group, you know all too well that the biggest obstacle in overcoming your drug dependence isn’t necessarily securing the will to quit. Rather, it’s being able to overcome the physical and psychological pull that substance abuse has over you.

For many, the task of beating their addictions is far too great for them to handle on their own. Fortunately, you’re not without clinical treatment options to help ease the process along. Rapid opiate detoxification has been proven successful in allowing addicts to quickly break down the physical barriers imposed by their substance abuse.

Overcoming the Challenges of Immediate Drug Withdrawal

The process works by triggering an episode of withdrawal. Yet without an effective treatment method, the physical manifestations of withdrawal often prove to be too difficult to endure. The Waismann Method, however, was designed to put you in best position to be able to successfully handle the biological aftereffects of rapid detox.

The effectiveness of the Waismann Method lies in its recognition that no two cases of addiction are the same. Depending upon the severity of your opiate dependency, you can see varying degrees of effect to the following bodily functions:

  • Your heart rate
  • Your kidney function
  • Your blood pressure

Even your metabolism is affected. Thus, prior to any detoxification treatment using the Waismann Method, you’re given a full diagnostic evaluation in order to personalize the strength and dosage of the medication used. Once your optimal treatment conditions have been determined, you’re placed under moderate sedation before being given the detoxification drugs intravenously. This allows you to sleep through the first stages of your withdrawal. After you’ve awaken, the most severe physical effects of the withdrawal will have passed, improving your chances of being able to work completely through the episode without relapse.

Your addiction can lead you down a road from which few fully return. Your success in being able to overcome it lies in your ability to obtain the appropriate assistance at the right time. Through clinical intervention such as the rapid opiate detoxification offered through the Waismann Method Detox Center, you can conquer the physiological effects of your addiction both safely and effectively.

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