A Convenient Scan

An MRI is a scan often ordered by a doctor when blood tests and x-rays fail to detect a condition in the body. The scan can be done in a hospital or an office that specializes in MRIs. There are closed machines, but when someone is unable to access the machine for any number of reasons, an open MRI is an option.

The open machine has a large ring that circles around the patient as the patient lays on a table. The scan will detect the same things as the closed machine, but there are a few advantages present that a closed machine doesn’t have. Since some patients have to spend an extended period of time in the MRI, the space could feel smaller than it really is, triggering anxiety or a feeling of panic for some. The open machine is a benefit for those who experience claustrophobia as there isn’t an enclosed tube.

Patients who are obese will find that an open machine is a better option than the enclosed tube. There is more room for the obese patient to fit comfortably, making it easier for doctors to get the necessary scans. There are reasons as to why children need an MRI. The doctor could want to look at the brain in order to see the waves when diagnosing epilepsy or other conditions. A scan could also be needed to determine if there is anything wrong with the appendix. Some children might want to have a parent while getting the scan completed. The open machine allows room for one parent to lay on the table with the child if the child is small or to stand beside the child. There is also room for an IV stand to be beside the table instead of the tubing being disconnected from the patient.

An open machine also has benefits for hospital or office. There is a lower maintenance cost as the machine is smaller. There will likely be an increase in the number of people who are able to get an MRI since there won’t be as many restrictions on those who can get the scan.

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