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Despite HIPAA and the best efforts to keep other patients’ medical records and information private, hospitals can give patients the runaround from getting their own medical records at times. It seems odd that a hospital or other healthcare facility would do that, but it happens. In certain cases where patients passed away and a lawsuit was brought against the hospital, they sometimes deny providing the medical records of the deceased even though they are required to provide them. However, there is a way to access personal medical records online by using services like DICOM.

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It’s important to have access to medical records. There are times they’re needed to show to other hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Being able to access medical records at a moment’s notice provides a way to make sure they’re accurate. There are times that people go into the Emergency Room and despite telling the doctors and nurses symptoms, some information isn’t accurately written in medical records.

There are times doctors and nurses are supposed to perform tests when patients have certain symptoms, and they don’t. For instance, a person who has had a chronic cough for a few weeks and with pain in the lungs should have an x-ray done to determine whether they have pneumonia. Still, there are times that doctors send patients home without performing such a test. Having the ability to access medical records can show whether there is a diagnosis and can serve as vital records should an action need to be brought against the hospital and doctor.

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