Accident while Working Out

While working out in the gym I was accidentally hit by 11kgs dumbbell that my husband’s using in the hand, I didn’t know that I am to near to him so when I raised my hands for dumbbell laterals accident happened. It resulted to bruise and my hand swell so Immediately went to the water dispenser and rinse my towel with hot water. I pat my bruise with the hot towel and I almost shout in pain, I repeat it many times and dunno if I am too nervous but I turn very paled and dizzy. It went to the point I had double and blurry vision, I was too scared  but my husband didn’t even mind me he said I am just over reacting, I should not worry too much so I won’t feel sick.

Presence of mind is important when you are working out in the gym, you should avoid to do exercises when there’s small place  and be sure that you can carry the weights you are going to use unless you have a spotter.

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