Air Purifier

These past few days the gym is always crowded it seems more and more people want to lose weight and live a healthy life.  A good business for the gym owner but with a lot of people sweating and breathing the tendency is transferring disease to each other is quite possible.   The gym owner only closed the door and run the air conditioner in a scheduled time which means you can inhale and smell the odor coming from the outside  it is not a big deal if there’s no hof  and bar in the same floor of the gym.

The foul smell from the hof and bar is unbearable if you are not use in this kind of  lifestyle, you can inhale the strong smell of cigarette smoke and fishy smell of the food prepared and liquor.  Sometimes when I smelled it I can feel a tightness on my chest so I always ended up putting my towel on my nose to avoid smelling it.

The gym has air purifier but sometimes it is not enough to purify the air when they don’t closed the door and run the air conditioner, working out is so uncomfortable not just because of the nearby smell but also because of the hot temperature too.

If you don’t know yet air purifier helps to improve the quality of  air that you breath indoor and more suitable for breathing. So if you are prone to allergies or have asthma consider buying one for your home use.

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