Almonds for Healthy Diet

Eating nuts is one of the things I enjoy the most, so tonight when we shopped for groceries and my husband bought 2 packages of almonds and sunflower seeds, I bought one package for me alone as I know I can’t eat all I want from the packages he bought. When we reached home after stacking our groceries I started eating the almonds I bought.


I have enjoyed the almonds so much and almost nothing left for tomorrow. I have read online that almonds helps to lose weight and a good source of protein and fiber, it is considered as an important component to a balanced diet and weight loss program. Does it mean I have to add the almonds on my daily food now? Ahem, I am considering it but it is going to be expensive because I can’t stop eating them until the container is empty.

Almonds is also a good source of Vitamin E that we need to achieve a healthy skin, iron and calcium too can be found in Almonds as well anti-oxidants which may prevent cancer growth.

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