Beneficial high quality ball-handled pin

Any person who in regular touch with the gym must be well accustomed with the ball handled selector pins. The ball handled pin is a simple accessory for any home or commercial gym that is used to select the weights of any power gym apparatus.

Need of a high quality ball-handled pin

One may think that this ball handled selector pin is of least importance in any gym. But when safety is concerned this small device plays a very vital role and according to many in these kinds of issues safety comes first. There are also various government rules and regulations specifying the need of safety in gyms or in any commercial / industrial operation of weight lifting.

Now why is this so important? The reason is quite simple if thought with a little logic and common sense. This small accessory or device actually lifts the whole mass of the weights of the power gym machine or any other military or construction or other commercial purposes. Therefore if this device fails, it will result not only disrupted service from that machine for that time but may also cause some serious injury that can be even fatal in worst case. The weights are pulled up through quite a height in the air. If the weights, which are not one solid block but consist of several heavy blocks, fall from that height then it will fly or shoot to some regions where there may be some human. The operator or user of the machine will have the maximum probability of getting hurt by these weights. Therefore in any kind of situation it is just not expected that these will fail. Therein lays the need of using the best high quality ball-handled pin.


The basic models of the ball handled pin are quite simple in construction. A ball shaped handle is fixed at the end of a long straight pin. It is made so that it can be put in and detached into the weights frequently with ease. The tip of the pin is chamfered so that it can be inserted in the hole for which it is meant. On other models there is often a spring loaded ball present on the pin or the shaft. It is meant for giving added locking stability to the whole system.

Material used

The shaft of the pin is usually made with high quality steel. C114 grade steel is mostly the used as the shaft material as it has the required combined properties of both toughness and ductility. These pins must be hard enough to withstand the huge loads on such small area. At the same time it must also withstand shock when they are dropped with weights suddenly. For serving this purpose it has to have some ductile properties. The material of the handle is generally Phenol or Polypropylene. These give a good surface finish. In order to increase the grip of the high quality ball-handled pin the surface is usually textured. The pins are available in different lengths to fit different purposes.

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