Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

I was sick these past few days, I have this itchy phlegm on my throat that gives me sleepless night. I can’t just stop coughing so every time I wake up in the morning I felt so tired and lack of sleep. I already doubled my pillow on my head but I still cough, the cough is very active early in the morning.

My husband was annoyed with me because he can’t also sleep with me coughing and making weird noises while I am sleeping, I know I should take some medication but I don’t want to make my body immune from taking antibiotics.  So I decided to drink hot water to flush that itchy phlegm I added small salt on it on my husband disgust, he said salt in hot water is bad for the heart that’s why you don’t take sea water. Hot water with salt is only good for gums and teeth.

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Anyway I was confused that’s why I added salt on it, I drink hot water in two days and just as I expected the phlegm was gone and I can breath nicely.

Drinking hot water has many benefits like it cleanses and purified our body, it is best to drink it early in the morning so it will flush the toxins from our body and cleanse the system. It is also good for cold and cough, cures constipation, improves blood circulation, reduces body pain and many more.

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