Bump Inside the Nose and Ingrown Hair Infection

When I pinched my husband’s nose I was surprised when he got irritated it turns out he has a painful bump inside his nose which I am not informed. told him it might be pimple but he said no, so  I asked him when does it started. He said he feels it few weeks ago, gone and then it was there again so probably it was not pimple.

Nose Blowing

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To see what is it I look for the small flashlight and check his nose, nothing peculiar just  a small bump with a yellow dot. So I told him your nose or the pimple there few week ago probably had an irritation  or the ingrown hair on your nose had an infection or it was cause by excessive nose blowing. He asked me to pop it thinking it has pus which I declined because it might get worse, so my husband asked me to look for the antibacterial ointment which he uses for few days. I told him if the bump was not gone after a week we should visit a doctor in the weekend. Gladly in few days the bump became smaller so I think it is just an ingrown hair or hair follicles that was been trapped.

According to what I read ingrown hairs are manifest by a painful red lump and possible pus underneath the skin in the nose. The pus indicates there is an infection.

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