Calf Muscle Strain

Tonight is our first visit to the gym this year and after our two week vacation. Our scheduled exercise is for legs though I opted walking in the treadmill rather than weight lifting. Afterwards we did the step up and on my husband second attempt, he felt pain as if someone punch him hard on his calf.

Anatomy of calf sprain injuryHe is not able to continue the step exercise anymore so I’ve finished my sets, he think he sprain his calf for the first time. I have read online that a calf muscle injury or sometimes known as pulled calf is common among athletes, where the the calf muscle is forcibly stretched beyond its  limits and the muscle tissue becomes torn. A tear in the Calf muscle is referred to as a Calf strain and depending on its severity it is classified as a first, second or third degree strain:

  • A first degree strain is damage to a few muscle fibres.
  • A second degree strain is damage to a more extensive number of muscle fibres.
  • A third degree strain is a complete rupture of the muscle itself.

Symptoms of a Calf Strain Include:

  • Sensation of cramp or tightness and a slight feeling of pain.
  • Depending on severity the athlete may be unable to walk properly.
  • There may be bruising.
  • Calf muscle strains are graded 1,2 or 3 depending on how bad the injury is.

To treat this strain all you need is rest, ice pack treatment and occasionally stretching your leg. So right now my husband is mending his sprain calf with ice.

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