Canker Sores : Cause and Treatment

The other day I wake up my left cheek is kind of sore, it is hard to open my mouth wide and chew food.  My findings I slept in a wrong position and my wisdom tooth push to my lower gums, yes because my upper left wisdom tooth is kind of sharp and big, might be in wrong position too. Instead of growing downward it grow sideways..

It is not the first time it happened so I am not bother but its been few days and it is still sore plus it affects my throat as  I can feel pain when I swallow, so yesterday with my little flashlight I look inside my mouth and I found an injury in my gums where the sharp edge of my wisdom tooth is facing, it  looks like canker sore or singaw in Tagalog but with my wild imagination I can’t help to think it is more than canker sore that makes me nervous, afraid and pale especially instead of a great help to pacify me, my husband keeps telling me if might be tumor and keep telling me to visit a doctor.

As I don’t wanna go to a doctor alone, I told him to go with me but he didn’t agreed. So instead of feeling negatively I avoid eating my fish yesterday as I recall I ate the other day and the next day it feel worst.  I still remember my mother had told me to avoid eating fishy food when I have tooth extraction or swelling gums, so yesterday I have avoided it and today when I wake up I am feeling better, it is not that sore anymore and to painful to open my mouth.

Canker sore is known as  an aphthous ulcer is a type of mouth ulcer which presents as a painful open sore inside the mouth or upper throat characterized by a break in the mucous membrane,  they are not contagious.

The exact cause of many aphthous ulcers is unknown but citrus fruits (e.g., oranges and lemons), physical trauma, stress, lack of sleep, sudden weight loss, food allergies, immune system reactions, and deficiencies in vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid may contribute to their development.

A number of different treatments exist for apthous ulcers including: analgesics, anesthetics agents, antiseptics, anti-inflammatory agents, steroids, sucralfate, tetracycline suspension, and silver nitrate but the best treatment is to keep your body healthy and don’t eat something that will irritate it.


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