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The Benefits of Getting a Medical Test to your Health

 When we felt sick we don’t really see a doctor, we usually rely on over the counter drugs or just shrugged it off but since when my mother had a stroke it changes our perspective.  My father had been complaining of pain on his side for a long time and had pain urinating so he did water therapy at home, he doesn’t like the idea of not going to work even for a day or getting check by doctors but with my persuasion he obliged. I have told him that his one day earnings as a carpenter isn’t enough to pay his hospital bills if he gets seriously ill.

And since I was told by the village nurse to get medical test because of my blood pressure problem I took the chance to have it done as well. My blood test result was normal but my urinalysis failed me, I had urinary tract infection, which I guess from holding on to use the bathroom especially during the night when I was very lazy to get up.

Anyway, my father’s blood test wasn’t that good as well. We found out he has high sugar and high uric level, he initially doesn’t want to see a doctor after finding his results because he reasoned out he just need to avoid eating food that isn’t allowed for diabetic and gout patients but I keep insisting for him to see doctor because I would like him to totally stop drinking alcohol after getting back to it again.  He stop drinking alcohol and smoking after my mother got hospitalized after a stroke but  he unknowingly started again to relieve stress and tiredness from work, blame it as well to his co-workers/employer who gave them alcohol to drink so I believed if he started taking medicines he won’t drink alcohol anymore.

Getting a medical test on your own was really a big health because it saves you from getting seriously ill by knowing what’s your health problem so if you felt something wrong in your health don’t be on hesitation to get a medical test done for your own health.

Need To Relax? Hit Up The Garden!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they need to sit back and take stock. It’s called relaxing, and it’s a major part of keeping a healthy and balanced life. Some do it by jetting off to a sandy location that is full of golden sand, whereas others prefer a massage and a rub down (not that kind!). The choice is yours because relaxation is an individual thing. Saying that, if you have a garden, there is no better place to unwind and hide from the rigours of life. If they have these calming features, the garden is even better than a holiday!

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Comfy Seating

Lots of people go for style over substance when it comes to garden furniture. It’s not because they prefer to sit in a nouveau riche chair that resembles a sparky’s leftover materials. Nope, it’s because they’re trying to show off to the neighbours and the rest of the neighbourhood. There is something to say for looking the part, especially when you want to get one over on a snobby busybody.  However, if your main goal is to relax, you have to put these petty squabbles behind you. Instead, you must opt for a comfy seat where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of summer. One that you just sink into is perfect.

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Water Feature

Did you know that some people listen to whale noises to help them sleep? Not because they have an obsession with whales, although they might. No, it’s because the sounds of running water and giant squeaking mammals is reminiscent of peace and quiet. Apparently, it’s no joke either. Running water does calm down the average person, which is why you need a water feature. A company like Swell has a vast range of products, so there’s no need to worry about the cost or style. All you have to fret over is being too relaxed. Oh, and the odd aquatic animal popping up out of nowhere!

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Wind Chimes

Just like the sounds of water puts people at ease, so does the sound of wind. Not the gales that whistle through the trees and nearly pull up the house’s foundations. That kind of wind is a warning signal is ever there was one. And, neither is it the wind that human beings pass even if they deny it to the death. This kind of wind is a gentle breeze that is synonymous with summer. But, instead of letting it gently tickle your face while you survey your kingdom, you can make music. Yep, a wind chime uses the energy of the breeze to create a relaxing, and quite catchy, tune.

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Natural Focal Point

A perfect natural focal point is an old tree that has been on the property longer than the building. The reason it’s good for taking the edge off life is that it allows you to drift off into the abyss. Not literally, but metaphorically speaking. You sit there, you stare, and you lose yourself in your thoughts. Everyone does it from time to time, and it’s an ideal mechanism for winding down.

Relaxing is essential, and the garden is the ultimate place to start.   


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Overcoming the Fear of Cancer

If you are like most people, there is something that can make you feel afraid. Some may call it an irrational fear, but when you are faced with a situation that has an unclear outcome, you just might be afraid. What is unnatural is denying that you are very concerned about the situation.If you deny it, how can you ever deal with the truth of the situation? No matter what, whether it is overcoming fear of cancer, your child’s safety or a fear of heights, a first step is to fully face the situation.

What is Holding You Back?

Fear rests at the top of the list of things that holds millions of people back. Each day, they forfeit the chance to achieve higher levels of success, to grow and become the best versions of themselves because of the emotions behind that four-letter word.Taking risks and action are both vital to carrying you on the journey of overcoming fear. Questioning your ambition and ability to accomplish your desires, can hold you back – even paralyze you from doing what you desire.

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Ways to Overcome Your Fears

If you want to overcome your fears, consider doing these two things.First, learn to rewire your brain. This can help to give you the courage that is currently missing. Do whatever it takes. Develop positive mantras and repeat affirmations daily to build you up. Soon, your self-confidence will increase. Also, try reading uplifting books to wipe out the negative dialogue that tries to fill your mind.You have to feed yourself the opposite of what all that negativity has taught you over the years. Even if it means going back to all the negative things that you were told as a child, you must do this to overcome what is holding you back today.

Second, do at least one scary thing every day. Your comfort zone might be filled with all the fears of the unknown. Fears become bigger when you avoid doing those “frightful” things. Once you step out and strive to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, you might wonder why it took you so long!The decision to stop allowing fears to hold you back is a bold one. Celebrate the fact that you are willing to move forward and away from such self-defeated thinking. You are better and bigger than your fears. Stop letting fear stop you from living a full life. Everything you dream of is beyond your fears.

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Too Hot to Sleep: How Uncomfortable Nights Can Affect Your Mental State

Sleep deprivation can do more to your body than simply make you tired. In extreme cases, it can cause severe mental problems from depression to irrational decisions. During the Virginian summer months, high temperatures can cause restless nights which can lead to these mental instabilities. Keeping your air conditioning unit in prime condition could improve your overall mental health by delivering the atmosphere you need in order to sleep well.

Compounding the Stress

Not getting enough sleep can be stressful enough on your body, but adding the discomfort of being too hot can amplify the condition. It can be difficult to maintain your composure during intense moments of any given day while experiencing sleep deprivation. Once the comfort level of the body is diminished, the effects of that stress are exponentially compounded. This makes it difficult to maintain rationality during various situations.

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Concentration and Memory

Sleep deprivation can affect your capability for concentration and memory. This can adversely affect your career robbing you of the ability to make pertinent decisions. It can become harder for you to recall certain events or perhaps retain short-term memories. In some cases, depriving one of sleep has been similar to the symptoms shown by those that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Keeping your air conditioning unit working efficiently will improve your general outlook on everything around you. By calling a Virginia HVAC repair specialist, you can prevent suffering from sleep deprivation afflictions and increased stress levels. Don’t live miserably simply because it’s too hot for you.

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How People Quit Smoking Successfully

Have you been a long term smoker, wondering desperately how people seem to become successful with their quitting attempts? Do you know people who smoked for years and then gave up? If you want to become a non smoker, then you need to do what the successful people do. Here are a few pointers to help you get to where you want to be:

Use The Right Terms And Language

When you speak to people about quitting, don’t say you’re trying to quit smoking. That sounds like you’ll give it a go but will eventually fail. Like a self fulfilling prophecy! Instead, say you have quit. Say it like it’s final, it’s done. Use these terms when speaking to others and thinking to yourself and it’ll soon sink in! The words we use are more powerful than most realise.

Have The Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is really important. Using the right language will help with this, as mentioned before. Make sure you think positively as much as possible, even if you’re not even thinking/speaking about smoking. If you stress yourself out, you could end up triggering the urge to smoke! Your mindset is going to keep you going when times get tough.

Make Sure People Support You

Tell people what you are doing and surround yourself with people who support you. If there’s anybody who doesn’t support you, makes jokes and even tries to make you fail, stay well away from them. These people aren’t your friends. They may even be trying to sabotage you to make themselves feel better. Supportive people are best!


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Have Compelling Reasons To Quit

Don’t just quit because other people say you should. You need your own compelling reasons to quit. For your health, for your kids, for a better life, etc. Make a long list of yours and keep them in mind as often as possible.

Use Smoking Aids And Things To Help

You don’t need to go cold turkey with no help. You can use smoking aids and things like that to help you. Many people turn to things like the electronic cigarette, and they have a huge success rate. Find the aid that works for you!

Get Professional Support

Professional support could be the key if you feel you need people around you who are going through the same thing. Go to a support group and get help that way.

Get Back On The Wagon

If you fall off the wagon, get stressed out and smoke a cigarette, don’t panic. This is a long term thing. It doesn’t mean you have to give up completely. Just get back on the wagon and keep going.

The key with giving up smoking, is to never give up on giving up. Giving up will be one of the best things you do if you decide to stick at it. You’ll live longer, and have a better quality of life. Not to mention more money in your bank! Comment your thoughts and ideas below.

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