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Common Health Problems That Over the Road Truckers Face

There are many health risks that truck drivers face as a result of the work they do. Some of these health risks come from the frustration and stress that comes from being behind the wheel for so many hours each day. Other health risks happen as a result of the poor diet that many truck drivers have as they try to eat on the road.

The number one health issue for truck drivers is sleep deprivation. Since most truck drivers get paid for every mile they drive, it can be tempting to forgo sleep in order to get a few extra dollars in their pocket. Sleep deprivation leads to very serious complications, such as weight gain, memory loss, a weakened immune system, and high blood pressure. Additionally, if a truck driver is tired and is driving on the road, they may find themselves in a serious accident that will injure themselves, injure others, and bring their career to an end.

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The number two health issue that truck drivers face is obesity. This is a topic that is frequently discussed by those who receive commercial driver medical examiner training. It is estimated that 73 percent of truck drivers are overweight and 50 percent of them suffer from obesity. Driving a truck is a sedentary job, but it is also a tiring one. So after spending hours sitting behind a truck, many drivers want to go home, get some rest, and eat a quick meal. It is easy to see how doing this multiple times throughout the week can lead to excessive weight gain.

To prevent this, truck drivers must watch their diet and exercise. And while it is true that after a long day at work it is hard to get up the motivation to exercise, truck drivers who force themselves to do this feel better afterwards. Even something as simple as taking a few laps around the truck, walking around the parking lot, lifting dumbbells in the cab of their truck, or doing jumping jacks is enough to help them improve their health.

Number three on the list of health issues truckers face are heart attacks. There is a strong link between obesity and heart complications. Of course, a person does not need to be obese to have a heart attack, but having a healthy lifestyle drastically minimizes the chances of suffering a heart attack. Eating healthy, minimizing stress, keeping blood pressure down, and exercising are all steps that truckers can take to keep their heart running as smooth as their trucks.

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Music and Relaxation

Having a good health while traveling is very important as it helps you to travel easily without a problem. Waking up early in the morning to catch an early bus is normal that’s why a proper sleep every night is a must. Well these past few days we are always in rush and having only a little sleep so we decided not to push through anymore of visiting another country and just stay in a hotel to rest, we have been traveling for six months already and the idea of relaxing while listening to music instrument from musician friend is really tempting.

Dengue Fever

My cousin was confined to a hospital because of dengue, my aunt and her older sister went to the city to take care of her as she is living alone.  They just return home a week ago.

Dengue is widely disease during and after rainy season, it  is an infectious disease  from Aedes mosquito bite.  It is also known as the bone breaking fever, due to the severe pain experienced in the bones and muscles. It is not contagious from person to person you are only going to get dengue when you get bitten by the mosquito carrying the dengue virus.

The symptoms of dengue usually start with high fever, sever headache, joint and muscle pain, vomiting, nausea and pain behind the eye.  This disease is deadly when not attended, so parents should be extra careful on their kids health and activities, if your kids are going for a camping trip be sure to buy a secure and mosquito free Kids Camping Gear.

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Hot and Cold Packs

We arrived from our short vacation from Jeju last Sunday afternoon.  Everybody  thought vacations were supposed to be relaxing but our vacation was not. On our first day we decided  to familiarize our self around so we had a short walk along the streets of the city while crossing I was accidentally hit by delivery bike, the driver didn’t drive slowly while turning left on the street where we are walking maybe he didn’t expect there’s a pedestrian. He looks so scared that he apologize a lot and want me to bring to the hospital but I didn’t want too because I don’t feel anything wrong and I can still stretch my legs so I am sure they are not broken.

Anyway to cut the story short he just handed  his calling card to us in  case  I need to be brought to the hospital. When we arrived in the hotel I just put cold cloth in my leg because it is swollen and little painful that resulted for me to limp when walking,  I have wish that time we had natural hot and cold packs that are used to relieve pain. As what I know these packs can be placed in the freezer to get cold or in the microwave to heat up. Cold packs are used to reduce pain and swelling and hot packs are used to reduce muscle tension and pain.

Common Travel Sickness

Traveling is not just as simple as buying a plane ticket online, there are times you have to experience health problems and some annoyances, one of the common problem on traveling is experiencing a jet lag, air sickness and what they call traveler’s diarrhea.

A helpful way to minimize jet lag is to adapt to the local time and eat accordingly. Also, exposure to sunlight during the day is helpful and to avoid experiencing air sickness you should take some chewable tablets before boarding the plane, upset stomach is also normal when you are traveling and to avoid it from happening don’t eat foods from the street and be sure to eat clean food, would be perfect if you always bring diarrhea tablets with you.

You may never know what will happen, once you had this upset stomach your whole vacation trip will not be good as you plan.