Causes of Bad Breath and Treatment

Taking good care of our hygiene is a normal thing we should do everyday, like taking a bath everyday, using sprays or roll-on on your armpit and brushing your teeth after meal. We should eat properly and take good care  of our teeth because unhealthy diet and poor teeth are few of the causes of bad breath.

So if one day few of your friends walk away with you or avoid talking to you very closely don’t be instantly offended, check your breath first who knows it smells so bad that they cannot take of smelling it every time they are near you.

As what I have read in most people the fundamental cause of bad breath is the whitish coating that covers the surface of the posterior portion of their tongue.  You have to remember that  bad breath is caused by the bacteria that live in that white coating, so don’t forget to brush your tongue when you are brushing your teeth.  Using mouth wash can make bad breath go away, well not really because it is temporarily only. So what you need to do is brush your teeth well and used dental floss to avoid those left over stuck in your tongue that will lead to bacteria or plaques.

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