Changing the Way People View Healthcare

Mankind currently knows more about healthcare than they have known at any other in human history. This is thanks in part to technological advances that have allowed scientists to analyze the DNA in cells as well as other microscopic components that are the building blocks of life. Scientists are able to determine how the conditions that a fetus is exposed to can affect the diseases they will have as adults. Humanity has a greater understanding of the way the human body works and biology and biochemistry. All of these things have allowed people to adjust the nutrients and substances they ingest to improve their health and increase their longevity.

Unfortunately, simply knowing something to be true and using that information are two different things. Proof of this is seen when one considers the fact that the United States leads the world in research on health. The vast majority of technological and scientific advances in medicine are created in the United States. And still the United States is one of the least healthy countries on the planet. The United States consistently ranks high on obesity levels, chronic disease, and poor diet.


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This has led many people to question what went wrong. Why is there so much knowledge available and yet the effect that this knowledge is having on the general population is limited? The answer to this question is relatively complicated. To some degree it has to do with the way that physicians are rewarded for treating their patients. Physicians are rewarded for treating the symptoms that their patients have as opposed to actually curing their patients. As a result, the patients have come to expect treatment, and they have stopped looking for a cure. When patients go to the doctor, their focus is on having their symptoms placated. However, they are not concerned about learning the underlying causes of their symptoms. This paradigm cannot be allowed to continue. It is ineffective and is expensive for the medical community as a whole as well as to individuals.

Thankfully, more and more people are learning about steps that they can take on their own to address some of the root causes for the symptoms they face. One aspect of addressing the root causes of the symptoms the face include changing the foods they eat and introducing dietary supplements such as cetyl myristoleate in to their diet. As a result, more and more people are seeing long-term improvements in their health as opposed to just treating the surface symptoms.

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