Chocolate Can Help You Fight A Cold?

I have read an article about how  chocolates can help in fighting a cold, just reading the title I have asked myself, seriously?  It was well known to me that chocolates trigger an itchy cough so to fight a cold is somehow surprising but according to recent studies of the researchers from the UK, chocolate may be a natural cough suppressant,  scientist at Hull Clinic found out that 60% of  the 300 patients with chronic coughs  stop hacking  after they were given 1,000 mg of theobromine which is a substance found in cocoa.

These study collaborate with the recent study conducted by an institute in London which showed  that theobromine is actually a more effective than the common ingredient in cough medicine which is codeine.

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Well if that’s the case when you have a cold and itchy cough just nib a piece of chocolate from your pantry, cheaper and proven effective to cure that colds.

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