Cold Feet

These past few days my feet are cold according to what I read cold sensations to the feet can come from poor circulation and disorders of the nervous system as well as cold exposure and low thyroid condition. I have heard that I could learn a lot about health from nursing schools in Chicago but that would be a long way to move from my family. Well, who knows in the future isn’t it?

Anyway I have blogged few months ago that I bought an iron supplements for myself as my findings I am anemic,  my symptoms I feel very weak and always tired, cold feet and hands and my skin look pale when I took  the medicine my cold feet was gone and I feel energetic.

When I feel better I stopped taking the iron supplements as I am afraid that I might overdosed of it, just these past few weeks my feet and hands started to get cold again as we are not eating properly due to juice fasting. Our calorie intake is not enough to produce heat in to our body, just too bad that I can’t take iron supplements while we are under the process of rebooting or detoxing.

So I guess my cold feet came from low calorie intake and poor circulation as I am always lying on bed in front of the computer  and have no social life aside from facebooking.

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