Dealing With Diabetes If You Are Pregnant

The diabetic woman will always be faced with risks during pregnancy. However, the one thing you should remember is that survival rate for both the child and the mother is normal, without differences as compared with the non-diabetic mother. The only problem is that there are more responsibilities that appear and it is really important to properly control blood glucose before and during the pregnancy period.

The woman that is suffering from diabetes needs to seriously consider whether or not pregnancy is something that should be considered. There are basically two things that always matter:

  • The blood glucose level have to always be controlled during the pregnancy as the levels have to remain normal at all times.
  • The blood glucose level needs to be controlled before the pregnancy happens.

We are basically faced with some risk factors that appear for a woman that is diabetic but that does not mean that this is really difficult.

Pregnant Woman

Always make sure that you talk with your doctor and that you have a really good communication channel set up so that you can get regular medical checkups. You can go online on sites like in order to see what you can cook but that does not mean that monitoring is not necessary. Some women do simply focus on what they eat and forget about the rest.

Doctors can help out quite a lot. As an example, in the event that you suffer from diabetic retinopathy and new blood vessels will appear in the eyes, being pregnant is not a good idea since the woman can become blind. Medics will help out a lot in making the woman understand all the risks that exist. There are many body organs that can be affected by diabetes during the pregnancy. At the same time, controlling the pregnancy brings in so much safety and is necessary for the diabetic woman.

The non-diabetic woman will need different insulin levels that will change during pregnancy as the placenta appears. Pregnant women usually need two times more insulin during the last pregnancy trimester. As you can easily imagine, insulin management becomes a lot more complicated for the woman that suffers from diabetes. With this in mind, it is really important that the doctor helps control insulin levels and determine how much the body actually needs.

The woman’s body does not only need insulin during pregnancy period. There is a need to make sure that protein, carbohydrates and all calories are controlled properly so that body requirements are fulfilled. The diabetic woman will be forced to always maintain a really good balance between physical activity and food intake, together with insulin medication proper dosage. The obstetrician will almost always recommend the services of a professional nutritionist as the woman is pregnant so that everything that the body needs is actually offered.

On the whole, everything boils down to having a proper nutrition set up. This is something that is a lot more complicated than what many believe at first glance so the pregnant woman needs to basically get help from professionals.

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