Disposing Expired Medicines

Many of us have items on our shelves that are no longer useful, like old and expired medicines  in our medicine cabinet.  Sometime we do not know what has to be done with them, to flush them in the toilet or throw them in the waste garbage? Living overseas where English is not a primary language is not an easy life, especially when you are sick and in need of medicine.  So I have asked my mother to send some primary medicines to me, not all they were used and they expired without my knowing.

Expired Medicines

The other day my husband and I cleaned our medicine kit and we found a lot of expired medicine, as well as first aid stuff like iodine and anti-bacterial cream. I have told my husband that I am going to flush the medicines in the toilet instead of throwing them away because children or other people might salvage them in the garbage and it might poisoned someone without our knowing.

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