Drinking too much water is bad?

Since grade school we are thought by our Science teacher to drink plenty of water because it is good for our body but recently I have read online that drinking too much water is not healthy as what is believe to be.

Well these past few days I am drinking a lot of water  because I frequently got  headache and occasionally felt pain in my left waist when I ate salty food. After few days I have feel few changes on my body. I feel like I lose weight and my stomach became smaller than before, the only thing I don’t like I have to go to the bathroom frequently especially at night.

But according to recent studies drinking a lot of water is not healthy at  all because it can lead swelling of the brain when your body salt levels drop (hyponatraemia) and can cause kidney damage instead of preventing it. So the question is, how many glass of water we should really drink a day?

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