Eye Irritation and Doctor’s Prescription

These past few days I was too depressed again that I can’t stop myself from crying.  I locked myself in a room and just cried all I want. Hence, I didn’t have tissue around me I just used the shirt I am wearing to dry my tears.  By doing it, it suddenly relieves me but little I know it would create more problems, got an eye irritation.

The next day, I felt something weird in my right eye. It was so itchy and it feels like there is something in it, no matter how I tried not to touch and scratch my eye it didn’t work. So the next day when I wake up my right eye is swollen and red.  It was really disturbing so I decided to wear my eye glass so nobody will notice it especially when I am selling ice packs to people in the neighbourhood.

When I can’t endure it anymore, I have asked my mother to buy me an eye drops in the pharmacy in town but unfortunately they were told that a doctor’s prescription is needed in order to buy eye medications.  It was disappointing but well, it is for my own safety.  I didn’t bother to see a doctor just to get a prescription, I believed it will heal over time, right now my eyes still feel itchy and stuffy.

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