Eye Strain and Migraine Headache

These past few days I am experiencing headache, it all started when I went out to downtown to shop and when I returned home I felt dehydrated and my head started to ache. At first I thought I was jut dehydrated because it was really hot outside but even I already took plenty of water my head still aches and looking into my computer making it worse.

Eye Headache

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I decided to take a rest and eventually sleep, the headache might be an eye migraine symptoms. My eyes are not used to normal light so when I went out it trigger the headache. As what I have read eye headache is a form of migraine and there are many physical symptoms of the eye migraine such as vomiting, light sensitivity, nausea, fatigue and heightened sounds. The eye migraine symptoms attack two parts of your head: the eye itself and the center of the visual functions in the brain. It is resulted from the spasm of the eye blood vessels.

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