Eyestrain Headaches at Home

Weekend is time to relax for everyone but my weekend doesn’t end like that,  I had a terrible headache last weekend.  My eyes bothered me  again, not sure if it is because I am using computer too much or is it because my husband opened the blinds all day while I am using the computer it is like working under fluorescent lights that cause eye strain headaches.

Eye Headache

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Eye strain headaches can be cause by working under fluorescent lights,  lack of healthy diet, lack of natural light, doing close work and not exercising your eyes. Well, when I went out to the balcony to rest my eyes by looking at the green tress my headache was gone but when I return back to my laptop it was there again so I decided to quit using my laptop. I stayed in the balcony again for few minutes relaxing my eyes and then I took a nap. When I wake I feel better and my eyes is not that tired anymore.

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