Fear over radioactive rain in South Korea

It is holiday today what I mean yesterday (Thursday) because of fear of radio active rain, rain that contained radioactive material from Japan’s stricken nuclear plant so dozens of South Korean schools cancelled classes including Pookie bear’s school. I have told him about the fear the other night but he don’t believed me, so he still went to school and went home afterwords. I told him the gym might be closed but I was wrong the gym is still open so even I feel weak due to I did not eat any rice again just the spaghetti I have cooked which is still carbohydrates by the way I still need to work out.

Anyway as quoted in yahoo news – the amount of radioactive material contained in the rainfall is too tiny to pose any health threat. So it is still healthy to shower in the rain.

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  1. chubskulit says:

    I was wondering about that Rhe, I hope na di kayo maapektuhan..

  2. genny says:

    sis, di ako pwede ng walang rice, mamamatay ako.hehhe

    btw sis, ganda ng available header mo. pwede hiramin?? or hingin?ehehhe joke

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