Five Signs That You Need a Hearing Test

If you find that you cannot hear as well as you used to, it might be time for you to visit a medical professional who specializes in ear health to evaluate your ears and conduct a hearing test. This test, in addition to a thorough medical exam and a look at your medical history and lifestyle, will allow a doctor to gauge whether or not there is, indeed, hearing loss taking place.

Situations like ear infections and exposure to loud noises can create a state of temporary hearing loss that is not permanent. However, if you find that your hearing loss is not caused by any external influences such as these, or that the hearing loss is progressively getting worse over time or not showing any signs of improvement, it is definitely time to see a doctor.

Hearing Test

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You Need a Hearing Test If…

1. You Have Trouble Hearing People Both In Person and Over the Phone

If you think that other people are mumbling or speaking at a low volume more often than not, it could be that your hearing is suffering, not that they are speaking any differently. Also, if you have trouble hearing people who are on the phone with you, this could be a sign that the quality of your sense of hearing is deteriorating, and it is therefore time for a check up and a hearing test.

2. You Need to Turn Up the Volume

If you find that you need to raise the volume of your television, radio, computer, etc., you are due for a hearing test to determine if you are suffering from hearing loss. This is especially true if others around you are always complaining about how loud the television is when it is on or how loudly you play your favourite music in the car or at home.

3. You Cannot Hear People During Social Situations

If you avoid social situations or social interactions during crowded events that tend to be loud, you should seek medical attention to determine if your hearing is suffering. People tend to talk louder at noisy events, but when you suffer from hearing loss, the background noise makes it that much more difficult to decipher what people are saying.

4. You Have to Turn Your Head to Hear People Better

If you find that you need to have someone talk to you from a certain direction or you need to turn your head to face someone differently, this could be a sign that one of your ears is suffering from hearing loss and you need to compensate by listening with your stronger ear. It could also indicate hearing loss in both ears and that you are picking up on sounds poorly from various directions as a result.

5. You Are Always Asking People to Repeat Themselves

If you find that you are constantly asking people to repeat themselves, and they are not mumbling or speaking at a low volume, you need to get a hearing test done as soon as possible to determine what is causing your hearing loss and find the right solution to fix the problem.

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