Get up and get ready

It’s summer. Whilst the weather at home might be rubbish (there’s no might about it, it is rubbish) you’re probably dreaming of warmer climes. Sitting on the sand, sipping a cocktail; that kind of thing. Maybe a dip in the sea? Whatever, you’re on holiday. You can do what you want.

BUT. Here it comes, the dreaded but. The time has come to start thinking about getting in shape. You ditched the personal trainer before Christmas when a trip to the pub and a mince pie seemed more fun than circuit training, spinning and chafing.

Oh how those heady days have come back to haunt you. Well, that’s in the past and we’re all about the future. Your future beach bod to be exact. So here are a few tips to get up and get ready in time for your summer holiday.

Have realistic expectations

You’re not going to lose fourteen stone in a day, but if you stick to it you may lose some weight and also tone up a little. The key is putting a programme in place for yourself. Whether you’re hitting the gym or pounding the pavement try and keep things varied so you don’t lose interest and succumb to the comforts of your couch and a KG bar of Dairy Milk.

Commitment is key

This ties in with the above. You have to stay committed, otherwise you’ll never get the beach bod you could have had. Even with realistic expectations, without commitment these will soon appear unrealistic.If you’re looking to tone and build muscle strength training is perfect, targeting all major muscle groups. Keep it varied though – throw in some cardio as well.

Eat right

Most of us think we deserve a reward after exercise. Once you’ve stopped sweating and your beetroot head has calmed down why wouldn’t you want to chug down a beer or sip on a glass of white wine. After all you really deserve it, don’t you? Treats and rewards are good, but if your diet doesn’t match your exercise regime you’ll be nowhere.

It’s always important to try and reduce your calorie intake. Try and cut down the size of your meals a little and snack on fruits and veg instead of loading up on high calorie snacks.

When watching your diet it also helps to make a food diary, tracking your daily and weekly intake.

Feeling good is looking good

There’s nothing like a little confidence when strutting your stuff on the beach, with just a few changes likely to have a big impact. Within just a few weeks or one month of healthy eating and exercise your energy levels will improve, they’ll be a moderate amount of weight loss and a bit more toning. If you can see a difference, it’s bound to shine through in your confidence.

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