Good Sleep and Mosquitoes

To sleep comfortably without disturbance is all we wanted but there are times we can’t sleep comfortably because of stress, too much thinking, bad sleeping position and other factors that may affect our resting period.

Mosquitoes are one of the disturbances why we can’t sleep, they are so disturbing and mind bugging to have them around when we are tired and would like to rest well. Using mosquito nets would help but there are people who felt like drowning when there is something around them.

Anyway, since we slept in our living room using mosquito net is not an option because there is no place we could hang it, we used electric fan during the night but when the temperature get a little colder to sleep we turned it off, and mosquitoes are biting us non-stop. What I do then is to light a mosquito coil but it seems some mosquitoes are already addicted to coil because they can still attack me while sleeping. Lol

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