Gym Towel and Skin Allergy

One of the essential items one should have in his gym bag is towels, the gym where we are working out provide towels and pair of gym clothes to fitness enthusiast. We are using their towel for few months already but just yesterday my husband seems got skin allergies using the towel on his face, my husband think it is from the soap they used in washing the towels and clothes because it only started when they changed soap. We know they have new soap because the gym owner arrived one night with big bag of wash soap.

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The red dotted mark was only on his face and neck where we uses the towel, it doesn’t feel itchy, hot or anything. With the occurrence of the allergy my husband decided to bring his own towel next time we visit the gym. We have towels at home but we thought using the towel in the gym is more convenient because we don’t need to wash clothes everyday.

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  1. Anna Smith says:

    Well I am totally agree with this, It’s so common to get skin infection and allergies in gym. so every one needs to be careful in gym.

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