Haircut Trends and Style Through the Years

Throughout the years of recorded history, various haircuts and styles have been popular, and some type of razor, cutters or shavers has been available. Ancient Egyptian men and women had perfectly cut and styled hair. In the 1400s and 1500s, men in Europe wore bangs, fringes and short hair that hung no longer than the shoulders. In the 1800s, men’s hair was cut short. In Japan during the 19th century, styles for Japanese men were jangiri or cropping at random. After World War I, women in Western cultures began cutting their hair shorter like the popular bob of the 1920s. Haircuts and styles of today vary differently across the countries of the world with Western styles ranging long to pixie or extremely short.

Haircut in Korea

Today, the hair grooming industry is big business promoted by fashion and hairstyle magazines, television shows and celebrities. Individuals and hair cutting and styling salon businesses purchase scissors, razors and electric cutters for modern hairstyles. Hair stylists who are skilled in cutting hair are hired by hair cutting salons and by individuals to do hair. Individuals and professionals purchase professional-grade scissors to do beautiful hair cutting. Physical stores and online stores sell top-grade scissors. As an example, people can find and buy hair cutting scissors at The hair grooming industry does suffer during economic lows. However whether the economy is strong or weak now and in the future, people must still buy scissors and cut their hair regularly to maintain trim and styled haircuts.

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