Headache and Eye Problems

Portrait, Girl, Glasses, Eyes, Face, Hair, Lady, ViewI slept early last night because I have a terrible headache, I threw up all the food I ate  before retiring to bed. I didn’t eat anything that day except for rice, eggs and spam so I am sure it was not a food intolerance and not dehydration too because even I drink plenty of water my headache was still unbearable.

I suspect my headache was cause by eye problem and too much time I spend in front of my laptop. I spend more than 12 hours a day, I have no social life and going to the gym and shopping groceries was only the time I can go out and walk. Other symptoms I observed is I have difficulty to see people or things from a distance,  they are blurry that’s why I know that I should see an eye doctor soon and buy a prescription glasses for my eyes so this headache will not disturb me anymore.

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