Headphone and Hearing Loss

These past few days I felt a sharp pain in my ears I don’t know how it started and what is the caused.  There’s only two things  I could consider the cause of this pain, from cleaning my ears everyday with cotton balls and too much used of head phone into my ears. If you think I am too geeky to have headphone no matter where I go, you are wrong. I just wear headphone when I am watching TV shows online on my laptop, my husband doesn’t want to hear my TV shows but it is okay for him to watch his TV shows and I can hear it.

So there past few days I am a little bit worried about my ears  especially when I read  an article online that discuss that too much used of  headphone can cause hearing loss. That blaring sound into our ears at close range has long been proven to lead to hearing loss and permanent damage. So I hope this pain is not a start of hearing impairment, a disability wherein the ability to detect certain frequencies of sound is completely or partially impaired.

From now on I am going to avoid watching TV show at night that can lead me to use headphone, I’ll just watch the shows when my husband is at work because I don’t want to be deaf at early age.

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