Health and Fitness

Health is wealth you probably hear that all the time from your parents or physical education teacher.  Our health is really very important, without good health we cannot make all the things we want to do and eat food we want to eat.  Sometimes though we neglect our health, we sleep late, eat food which is unhealthy and do vices.

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Bad habits affect our health, that’s why we have to make sure we are eating proper diet, and be kin enough to check our calorie intakes. Activity  is also very important for us to have healthy lifestyle, it is the fundamental element of keeping ourselves health and fit but with the technology today our activities are becoming lesser most of the time we enjoyed browsing the internet rather than gardening. Playing in our ipad rather than doing some sports with friends.

To make yourself healthy all you have to do is exercise, eat right and extra personal care. Choose physical activities that fit in with your daily routine, you can do treadmills while listening to your ipod or watching TV, there are treadmills with between screen.

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