Health Benefits of Prunes

PhotobucketMy husband and I went out tonight to the shopping market to look for Prunes and we are able to buy small container in reasonable price.  He said prunes can help him in his bowel movement.

If you don’t yet prunes are any of various plum cultivars which are sold as fresh or dried fruit and the the dried fruit is also referred to as a dried plum. They are considered as one of the healthiest foods.  Good source of fiber and have long been recognized as a nutrient-rich fruit with multiple health benefits and according to a  study from Tufts University in Boston,prunes may also help slow the aging process in both the body and brain. The study ranked the antioxidant value of commonly eaten fruits and vegetables using an analysis called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity). Prunes topped the list with more than twice the antioxidant capacity as other high-scoring fruits such as blueberries and raisins.

Prunes can  boost your  bone density, gives you regular bowel movement, Cardiovascular disease, can help in liver cleansing, can prevent your  memory loss and Alzheimer’s,  can fight infections, Diabetes, Diverticular disease, can help to reduce cholesterol and reducing risk of estrogen-dependent cancers

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