Healthy Diets

Many popular diets have been marked as failures in the past because they have been proven to do more harm than good in one way or another. It is difficult finding a new healthy diet plan to trust when you think about how many people followed previous diets, such as the Master Cleanse, that are now completely discouraged for use.

However, a promising start has been made by the Dukan diet which has just celebrated its second year online anniversary. They focus on a list of 100 foods you can eat, exercise and reachable targets. For example, when I signed up, I was shown that my True weight (weight that would be of optimum health) is actually four pounds lower than my ideal weight. I wanted to see what would happen if I claimed my ideal weigh was a stone below this, and it came back with my True weight being only one pound lower than it previously said, saying that it would be more realistic and healthier to reach the True weight than my ideal weight, which is what Dukan would help me to do.

Throughout the diet, there are the four Dukan diet phases which act as stepping stones towards reaching your goal and maintaining your new weight. These phases begin with a rapid attack that is usually only for a couple of days, follow by a period of gradually dropping the pounds and finishing with consolidating and stabilizing for the future. Within these phases you are shown what foods you are allowed and there are hundreds of different recipes for each stage.

Any weight loss plan is incomplete without exercise and of course this is included in the Dukan programme. At each stage there are recommendations which, if you do follow them, will act alongside the foods you are eating to help you reach your target. With any diet, if you have any concerns you should consult your doctor and there is help available online or via telephone from Dukan at any stage.

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6 Responses to “Healthy Diets”

  1. I love salads … and eating healthy is what I am trying to aim for lately. Great pointers. I’ve heard alot about Dukan and hopefully I can get into it eventually. xx

  2. Their diet sounds very healthy, vegetable salad is what I learned to appreciate when I came here.

  3. jheylo says:

    so this is the ducan diet? Interesting. I can eat those with no problem. i love vegetable salad

  4. Shela says:

    I enjoy eating salads. I decided eating those stuff lately than eating un healthy stuff!

  5. Joy H says:

    I agree with salad, they’re indeed a good source of healthy diet. And they stay you fit as well.

  6. will read more about this diet so I could try it…

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