Hearing Loss and Earphones

I am quite busy these past few days processing my visas, I have to go to the city early in the morning because we live outside the city. With that I am always lacking of sleep and my eye bags are getting bigger, three days without proper sleep the other week my body surrendered and I had a terrible headache to boot. I can’t even watch TV shows or listen to the music because my head aches became worse, so I decided to take a medicine and sleep early.


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The next day when I felt fine, I watch all the TV shows I missed from the previous day and I felt disappointed because my ear phone didn’t cooperate with me, I think I broke it when I accidentally step on it.  My husband keeps telling me it was too loud, but I can’t hear it well, my husband thought it was my ears that is broken and not my ear phone. Probably I should just buy a speaker with classic harbinger ha pa system rather than using earphone that is affecting my hearing.

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