Hot and Cold Packs

We arrived from our short vacation from Jeju last Sunday afternoon.  Everybody  thought vacations were supposed to be relaxing but our vacation was not. On our first day we decided  to familiarize our self around so we had a short walk along the streets of the city while crossing I was accidentally hit by delivery bike, the driver didn’t drive slowly while turning left on the street where we are walking maybe he didn’t expect there’s a pedestrian. He looks so scared that he apologize a lot and want me to bring to the hospital but I didn’t want too because I don’t feel anything wrong and I can still stretch my legs so I am sure they are not broken.

Anyway to cut the story short he just handed  his calling card to us in  case  I need to be brought to the hospital. When we arrived in the hotel I just put cold cloth in my leg because it is swollen and little painful that resulted for me to limp when walking,  I have wish that time we had natural hot and cold packs that are used to relieve pain. As what I know these packs can be placed in the freezer to get cold or in the microwave to heat up. Cold packs are used to reduce pain and swelling and hot packs are used to reduce muscle tension and pain.

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