How to get rid of phlegm in the throat

My  left tonsil feels better now, it seems it is only irritated. Since we are in two weeks of juice fasting (detox diet) I always drink cold juice and I seldom drink hot tea or water. And I am not use of drinking cold water as I just don’t like it.  Last night I decided to drink  hot water and  today when I wake up  my tonsil feels fine it is normal now I guess I should drink a tea time to time because coffee is not allowed when you are  doing juice fasting.

It feels like there’s  a sticky phlegm on my throat today  I tried to spit it out but it is so hard headed (lol),  as far as I remember the other day I feel like having a flu but it didn’t continue maybe because of drinking juice with ginger and lemon.

Today  my husband prepared a carrot juice with ginger there’s a burning sensation in my throat but it is relaxing. As what I have read ginger is one of the most well-known home remedies for mucus in the throat. If you have excessive phlegm in the throat and cannot seem to get rid of it, ginger juice or teas with ginger infusion can help you.

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