How to Tell If You’re Pregnant

Symptoms of pregnancy can begin within just the first few weeks following conception. It’s not always easy to know if you’re experiencing a pregnancy symptom or if there’s something else going on with your body. Here are a few ways to tell whether or not you’re pregnant, but keep in mind that you should always find out 100% by visiting your gynecologist.

Pregnant Woman

5 Classic Symptoms of Pregnancy

  1. Swollen, tender breasts, sometimes with a feeling of heaviness or fullness.
  2. Nausea, either with or without vomiting. Don’t be fooled – morning sickness can actually strike at any point throughout the day.
  3. More frequent urination.
  4. Fatigue, with no other reasons why you’d be more tired than normal.
  5. Strong food cravings or aversions, which is an affect of hormonal changes.

Over-the-Counter Pregnancy Tests

Rapid pregnancy tests can give you an answer quickly if you don’t want to wait until you visit a doctor. With a rapid pregnancy test, technology is able to isolate the pregnancy hormone in your urine to give you your test results. From the day you miss your period, you can see your results within one minute from taking the test.

If there’s a chance that you’re pregnant, book a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. While you may already know how to take care of yourself normally, there are extra health concerns and guidelines to take into account once you’re pregnant.

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