Impacted Wisdom Tooth

I felt sick these past few days I can’t eat well. My injured gums simply bother me,  at first I thought I just brushed my teeth roughly the other night but I have found out my left upper wisdom tooth is popping out largely. What is wrong with my wisdom tooth is went out sideways and the sharp edge in the side is touching my gums, I tried not to close my mouth so the wisdom tooth will not touch my gums but I can’t take it my jaw got tired easily.

What scares me is my left neck below my ears felt numb and swollen together with my left cheek. I have panic already and my husband asked me to set an appointment with the dentist but as I don’t like going to dentist alone I didn’t do it plus it will be a long weekend soon because of the holiday the dentist might be out of town. Instead I took antibiotics to prevent infection and I gurgle warm water with salt. When I do it my gums feel better and don’t feel tight. I also decided to drink warm water with salt and my swollen neck feels better as I check in our bathroom mirror it looks like my left tonsil is affected too, it is painful to swallow.

When I check my wisdom tooth the next day I was surprised to see it shorter than the other day, I am sure that when my husband and I look at that night it is very extra long that it is  pushing to my gums.  With that my mouth feel better because the wisdom tooth is not touching my gums closely but I still have a wound in my gums which is scaring me. It doesn’t hurt but after I ate my left neck felt numb I have read online it might be my jaw, I am going to a dentist soon to have this wisdom tooth  extracted because wisdom tooth should really be extracted when they grow sideways.

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