Importance of Camping Gear

Lately hiking and camping became my passion, I have even asked my husband to hike in to two well known mountains here in Korea but when it regards to camping he didn’t agreed with me because he has a class to teach the next day.  Anyway when we travel to Mongolia we experienced to camp in traditional ger, especially sleeping with a nomadic family.

Few of the travelers like us brought their own camping gear they cooked and prepare their own meal unlike us our guide is also our cooked because we just thought that it would be easier for us if we are not going to cook our own food and carry our own things, you know traveling with a lot of bags or things is not very easy, so much problem to care of.

That’s why if you will notice  some travelers just carry small backpack with few clothes and personal things especially hikers and old travelers. But you also need to remember that bringing your own camping gear is a great help like what happened on our travel to Mongolia, there are some traveler that can’t find a ger to stay during the night so what they did is they set up their own tent.

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  1. I had my first hiking experience during my birthday. It was fun.

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