Importance of Flossing your Teeth

The other day, I have asked my mother and sister to buy a dental floss, my last supply of dental floss was just finished. I have learned from a dentist that using floss after brushing your teeth is necessary to remove pieces food and dental plaque between teeth that is unable to reach by normal brushing.

Using dental floss became part of my routine when brushing my teeth. I felt incomplete when I am not able to floss my teeth regularly. Flossing regularly can prevent gum infection from developing as well as tooth loss and plaque. When the plaque builds up it can irritate the gums and causes inflammation which sometimes cause bleeding in our gums when we brush our teeth.

Flossing incorrectly can damage your gums so it is a must to follow your dentist advice on how to use it and how often. Dental floss is a thin, soft thread or tape that made of nylon or plastic that removes food and plaque from between your teeth.

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