Importance of Good Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene  is the first step to have a good health,  so if you want to be healthy and protected from several viruses you should take a bath regularly, trim your fingernails and toenails, brush your teeth and use deodorant everyday.  You have to know it can enhance your self-confidence and improve your chances of success in many areas of your life. Spraying perfumes is not enough to be presentable if you don’t take a bath regularly because no matter how you keep your body smell by using strong perfumes it won’t help you are just making it worst and you are just wasting your money all you need is a pail of water and soap.

If you don’t know yet your personal hygiene can affect other people and your social life. Nobody wants to stay and sit for a long time near the smelly garbage can, so as you.

Always remember too that a lack of personal hygiene can cause many health problems. People who do not bathe regularly are more susceptible to fungus infections such as jock itch, athlete’s feet or toenail fungus infections. A lack of oral hygiene can cause fungus infections such as oral thrush. Those who fail to wash their hands regularly are more prone to getting viruses or bacterial infections from others. Bed bugs are a common problem when good hygiene and regular cleaning are lacking.

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5 Responses to “Importance of Good Personal Hygiene”

  1. kayce says:

    hi sis! thanks for the visit.. ngayon ko lang yata napansin marami ka na rin palang mga blogs hehehe! may mga blogs ka na rin ba kay sheriff?

  2. genny says:

    important talaga yan good hygiene paano nalang kung nangangamoy na.ehehehe visiting you here sis.

  3. Chie Wilks says:

    i agree sis..although ngpe-perfume pero walang ligo kakaasiwa parin..mas maganda talaga maligo tapos magperfume

  4. Mel Cole says:

    Yes, I agree with your tip sis. Not taking a bath in a day makes other people uncomfortable being with that kind of person. It is important to be fresh and clean so to avoid being sick.

  5. chubskulit says:

    Naks japorm pa naman ang dating ng picture may BO pala weee..

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