Improve Your Health With Pilates

The Pilates Method has become well known world-wide as a method of core strengthening and balancing movements that have succeeded in helping its practitioners lose weight, keep fit and streamline their bodies. The routines that make up the Pilates method can seem different from other forms of popular fitness exercises such as yoga, aerobics or weight lifting. That is not surprising, since it was created by its founder Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s as a method of whole body movement to help correct muscular imbalances, improve posture, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.

These are several ways in which Pilates can improve your overall health.

1. More energy – Pilates core body exercises promote good posture. This in turn enables the lungs to breathe more deeply, take in more fresh air and send the effects of oxygen into every part of the body to increase circulation and help the body feel more alive. When your body is in balance, movements are smoother and more efficient, so that they require much less energy, leaving you more energy for your daily activities. Why depend on caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, carbonated drinks or energy drinks? The caffeine will stop being effective in time, and cause you to become jittery instead of increasing alertness. But the healthy and energizing effects of deep breathing with good posture won’t wear off, they increase the longer you maintain good posture and breathing.

2. Improved Sleeping – Are you habitually too tense to fall asleep or unable to stay asleep through the night? When you are under stress and your body reacts by locking in muscular tension, sleep becomes elusive. Exercise methods such as Pilates can help relieve the tension in your body by making you more aware of tight muscles, imbalance and lack of flexibility. Becoming more aware of tension can assist in releasing tight muscles and, therefore, releasing tension. That in turn will lead to reducing stress and improving the duration and quality of your nightly sleep.

3. Less Pain – Without being seriously ill, many people can nonetheless suffer chronic pain
due to muscular imbalances, bad posture, lack of flexibility and weakness in habitually disused muscles. Chronic pain in the back and neck can be due to something as simple as poor ergonomics during the work day and bad posture while sitting, reading, typing and mousing at a computer station. Painkillers might work temporarily, but Pilates exercises as part of body realignment and restoring core stability will correct this cause of chronic pain without surgery or dependence on painkillers.

Now that we’ve seen three of the ways that Pilates can help improve health and fitness isn’t it a good time to learn more about this natural way to reawaken your body’s optimum health? You can start doing Pilates exercises on your own or in a gym class, but it can be wisest to investigate classes taught by experienced professionals. Pilates is also offered in sports injury clinics as part of body balancing and core stability restoration treatment by osteopaths in Melbourne. You can learn more by contacting City Osteopathy at No special clothing or expensive equipment are needed, just your body and your willingness to change the unhealthful habits of a lifetime.

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