Interesting Cures for your Dry Cough

A dry cough can be uncomfortable and cumbersome-and there are many quirky home remedies and old wives tales floating around about potential cures for the common cough. Some of the most interesting, wacky and questionable cure alls for the common dry cough include:

A spoonful of honey

A home remedy that not many would turn there noses up to, a spoonful of honey has been recommended as a cure for annoying dry coughs. The honey is said to coat and soothe and irritated throat- therefore relieving the patient of their annoying dry cough.

Hot chocolate

Chocoholics rejoice! Hot chocolate has somehow made the list of home remedies and quirky cures for a dry cough. Studies have revealed that chocolate contains a component called ‘theobromine’ which is said to reduce venous inflammation within the throat.

Dry Cough

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Sucking on ice cubes

Ice cubes are also said to cool and numb an irritated throat if sucked on for a period of time. In the same vein a cool wet cloth held to the throat is also sometimes recommended to alleviate a dry cough.

Raising the roof!

Some people claim that raising your arms in the air provided effective relief from a dry cough. This is said to be as this physical action encourages increased lung capacity, therefore making it easier for the afflicted individual to breathe.

Minced garlic

A deliciously pungent spoonful of this common household ingredient is said to also alleviate some dry coughs. This is said to be particularly useful in cases where the dry cough is caused by congestion.

Taking a shower !

Having a steamy shower is also said to banish a dry cough for good. In cases where a dry cough is caused by congestion the steam from a nice hot shower is said to loosen and move mucous. This technique is also reported to be effective in cases where a dry cough is a result of allergies as the steam can help clear out any irritating pollens or allergens.

Sucking on a sugar cube

Another tasty home remedy for that nasty dry cough is the common sugar cube! One of the sweetest ways to say farewell to your dry cough, it has been recommended that you suck on a sugar cube for a few minutes.

Searching for a real solution to that nasty dry cough?

Whilst some of these home remedies sound tasty (and others not so much – spoonful of garlic anyone?), if you are looking for real relief from a common dry cough a spoonful of honey, hot chocolate or a sugar cube may not be effective enough to alleviate your symptoms. Thankfully we can recommend Bisolvon cough syrup as an effective medicine to alleviate uncomfortable dry coughs.

Most people seek home remedies as they may be fearful of potential bisolvon side effects, having heard about other cough syrups that contain harmful additives. Thankfully, if taken as directed Bisolvon Cough Syrup provides safe and effective relief of dry coughs without the threat of harmful side effects that other products may have.

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