Juice Diet: Losing and Gaining Weight

Losing weight is everyone woman’s challenge, I rapidly gain weight after my husband and I did a juice diet or detoxing. Then we travelled for six months my weight bounce on and off and when I am delayed in Kenya for few days my weight ballooned (lol) since all I have to do is eat and sleep.

I was thin when I am younger and I can wear small clothes but today I am in large size (huhuhu). Lately, my sister and I tried to lose some weights I was inspired when I lose few pounds so I continue eating smaller amounts but lately I am starting to feel fear, I am becoming obsessed of losing weight and I don’t want to return to old habit again, being a bulimic. I secretly became one during college days after watching it in a television and being obsessed of losing weight despite the fact that I am not fat as people says.

I am scared where this obsession will take me, I don’t want to get sick again and have a weak immune system so I should gain control of my senses again.

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