Katinko Ointment

My lower back is disturbing  me these past few days. I think it all started when I sat on the floor again and yesterday we did some squats and few leg exercise that irritates it more. Last night the pain made me restless I am just thankful that I brought a Katinko ointment with me, I rub the ointment on my back and it helps a lot so I can sleep and when I wake up the pain is gone.

I first discover Katinko ointment when I have  a colds and itchy cough, one of my cousin told me to buy Katinko ointment because it is proven helpful by their family. So I bought my first Katinko ointment in a local pharmacy and rub it on my back, it gives a hot soothing sensation and when I inhale the ointment it helps me to breathe well and clear my clogged nose.

Aside from treating colds Katinko oitment can also be used for skin itch and insect bites, I have proven it many times  it stop  me from scratching my skin when I had insect bites. Katinko ointment an also be used for temporary ache and muscle pains,  neck and shoulder stiffness, rheumatism, back pain, flatulence, insect bites, bruises, colds,  sprain, sea sickness and headaches.

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