Knee Pain and Squats

I felt very scared the other day because I can’t walk normally, I am not sure if I am being hypochondriac but I think something is wrong on my right leg.  When we had a vacation in Jeju I was hit by a motorbike in my right leg and I got bruises from that and few months ago when we had a vacation in the Philippines I fell in the canal with my right leg as my support so you can’t blame me if I think  negatively.

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My husband says it maybe brought by doing squats, we had squats last Friday. He said he noticed that my legs are not in good position when I do squats so I probably strained my leg. I think he felt bad for me that he is asking me to go to international clinic in Seoul which I don’t like if I am alone.

I tried to stretch my right leg and even asked my husband to pull it for me, he reprimand me to stop it because I might injure my leg even more. Well he decided that I am not going to do squats anymore when we do our reps or exercises in the gym, I agreed and told him I am going to observe if the pain in my knee is brought my squats or from my old accidents before.

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  1. Jai Catalano says:

    I actually agree with your husband. Most people do squats incorrectly. Sometimes our body position is off. Also if there is a slight shift in our muscles or bones that can cause pain as well. However, I am sure your accident didn’t make it any better.

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